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Investment Philosophy


Spirit of Philadelphia

From the foundation laid by William Penn in 1682, Philly has been a nexus for initiative and forward thinking for centuries. Penn's focus on expressive freedom has allowed Philly to become the visionary city it is today. We aim to invest with the same vision that Penn had for the City of Brotherly Love.


Value Alignment

Most importantly, all public securities we invest in must align with the mission of Food4Philly. Some aspects we consider are positive impact on society, philanthropic initiatives, and financial and business sustainability.


Business Quality

We seek fundamentally strong businesses that possess economic moats, strong financials, defensible to market cyclicality and short-term tailwinds, catalysts for sustainable value creation, and healthy cash flows on a long term trajectory.


Growth Potential

The Impact Fund aims to identify public securities with maintainable growth across market share, revenue, earnings, return on equity, and profit margins on a long term investment focus.


Please contact us regarding any investment inquiries or public securities donations


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