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Reflection and Krispy Kreme Fundraiser

With the four month milestone of the creation of Food4Philly, We could not be prouder of what everyone has accomplished. Despite the common prejudice on limitations of the youth, Food4Philly team members continue to push those boundaries across all aspects of life, namely service, and initiative.

On the same notion, our Ardmore/Haverford Branch contacted numerous restaurants and businesses within their respective area, a testament to their resilience. Despite setbacks, they were able to organize a fundraiser with Krispy Kreme. Over the course of two weeks, they accumulated a total in the hundreds for Food4Philly.

Accordingly, Lauren Brown and Joaquin Arias spent their entire Saturday delivering the freshly made donuts to 20+ houses in the Greater Philadelphia area. On behalf of the co-founders, I can't express my gratitude more for initiating and putting this into reality.

In the end, we received a great amount of positive feedback from those who bought donuts. It seems weird to think that a small team of rising juniors was able to do all of this. With the success of this project, we look to move forward into bigger plans (not always with food)!

Thank you to Krispy Kreme (Havertown) for playing a pivotal role in this project and the future of Food4Philly looks bright.

- Executive Team

Ardmore/Haverford Team Members: Joaquin Arias, Lauren Brown, Jay Crowther, and Willys Silvers

Team Member Lauren Brown preparing to deliver an order

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