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Inspirit+ Summer Camp: Adding Inspiration to Education

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

This school year, we saw how detrimental un-efficient and quite frankly, boring virtual learning through school was for students. As high schoolers, we all knew the challenge of transitioning to high school and we realized how much harder this would be given Covid-19's impact on education. Not to mention, we wanted to show other people that students can learn successfully while online. When utilized correctly, the virtual landscape get unlock many new doors of innovative education, which we aspired to do.

To combat this we decided to create Inspirit+, a camp dedicated to preparing younger students for high school classes and providing a interactive and fun learning environment.

Inspirit+ consisted of Writing, Science, and in-depth sessions about tips to succeed in middle/high school, and accomplished guest speaker panels.

Inspirit+ was completely free with the hope of providing a innovative and interactive new way of education to the next generation. All donations received went directly to Food4Philly to advance their mission of helping the Greater Philadelphia area.

We received so much positive feedback from both parents and students and are excited for Inspirit+ next year. We hope to see you there!


Food4Philly Team Manager and Instructor Arnav Sardesai during a Chemistry lesson

Dr. Niranjan Sardesai lecturing during a Chemistry lesson

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