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Food4Philly 2021 Recap

Video Editor: @kadinsalaria on Instagram

To everyone watching, I hope you all are enjoying your winter break! As we come to the last day of the year, we wanted to take some time to reflect on Food4Philly.

When we formed Food4Philly back in early March, we didn’t have a lot of expectations. We were just high schoolers in the uncharted territory; we saw the shortage of food and essential items in our community and wanted to take initiative. Looking back, I’m not sure if any of us would believe where Food4Philly is today. From just five high schoolers meeting on Discord during spring break with a crazy idea to an organization with 6 chapters, over 35 members, and have generated thousands in revenue, we are grateful for those who have helped further the mission of Food4Philly.

To our members, thank you. From the meetings, projects, and more, you are the anchor of this organization. None of the work we do at Food4Philly would be possible without everyone and we are grateful.

Before the summer of 2021, we made several goals for the group, with not a lot of confidence that we would achieve them. We shattered every single one. As 2022 approaches, we are in the middle of making New Year Resolutions and need help from our members and others! Let us know in the comments what goals we should set for the new year.

We wish everyone a happy and healthy 2022! Stay tuned for what we coming soon...

- Ben, Nico, Neil, Zaid, and Ethan SHOW LESS

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