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Junior Olympian All American Athlete creates Elevate Sport4Philly

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Run by All-American and decorated Junior Olympian Kadin Salaria, Food4Philly is excited to announce Elevate Sport4Philly. This program was founded to teach aspiring young athletes across any sport and athletic pursuits on what it takes to be a top athlete. In this affordable program, Kadin will go over effective conditioning, diet, exercise routines, training, the mental apsect, and the other facets of all successful athletes.

No matter what sport you play or partake in, Kadin and Elevate Sport4Philly are here to take any athlete's performance to the next level!

Note: All proceeds will go to Food4Philly to advance their mission of helping the Greater-Philadelphia area.

Kadin Salaria in action at the 2019 AAU Junior Olympics Games

Official Elevate Sport4Philly trailer, shot by Kadin Salaria

Kadin Salaria on the podium at the 2019 AAU Junior Olympics Games

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