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5 Smart Ways to Reuse Food

Alexander Yung - Communications Director

Oftentimes, Americans waste a lot of food. Specifically, around 30-40 percent of our food supply goes to waste, amounting to 133 billion pounds each year. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many creative, fun ways to make sure food doesn’t go to waste:

1. Roast Potato Peels

Even though they’re not as good as the actual potatoes, potato peels don’t have to go to waste. Instead of throwing them away, put the peels in an oven and make a new, crispy snack.

2. Scrap Bag in a Freezer

If you don’t know what to do with your scraps, toss your leftovers in a scrap bag and store them inside a freezer. Later, you can use the various scraps to flavor stocks or broth.

3. Eggshells Inside a Garden

Frankly, eggshells don’t look particularly edible. However, they’re great as fertilizers for your soil, as the eggshells contain calcium, which has been proven to be helpful in growing tomatoes and peppers. When you decide to start your own garden or want some natural fertilizer, make sure to utilize your eggshells!

4. Swapping Leftovers

You can use leftovers and remake them into new foods. Afterward, you can host a meal swap party where you share food with other people. Next time you have family or friends over, make sure to try this out (if you haven't eaten them already)!

5. Fruit Scraps

Fruit scraps can be used to make scrap vinegar. To do this, have a jar filled with scraps, put a handful of sugar, pour some water, and secure a lid or cloth. Then, the vinegar can be used as a drizzle on salads, marinade for meats, or add to soups.

Globally, ⅓ of food waste comes from the United States. Even though the U.S has an overabundance of food, food shouldn’t and doesn’t have to go to waste. And this article has shown you fun, creative ways to reuse food and why we at Food4Philly believe in a brighter future for reusing, recycling, and reducing food waste.

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