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20 Minutes

The average episode runtime for a Netflix show is around 50 minutes. From experience, I have binge-watched seasons (with an s at the end) and you can guess how much time I spent watching tv.

Just now, I took 20 minutes to go through my closet and clothes drawer to find any old clothes in good condition that didn’t fit. Then I spent an additional 5 minutes looking for shoes that were too small or my dad and I didn’t wear. I also got my mom and sister’s old sneakers, tennis shoes, and sandals, since those were unisex.

The box on the left has at least 15 pairs of sneakers and more sandals.

Maybe you won’t find as much stuff or maybe you will find more but if you take just 20-30 minutes out of your day, just half of a Netflix episode, you could be helping so many people that need these items.

All these clothing donations will be going to the United Ukrainian American Relief Committee (this Friday, July 1) which will eventually go to Ukrainian refugees that are in dire need of clothing donations. Before you go on TikTok, Netflix, Instagram, or Snapchat, I hope you can find 20-30 minutes to take the effort to sort out your old clothes.

20 minutes can make a difference.



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