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Summary of Krispy Kreme Fundraiser

July 4, 2021

With the four month milestone of the creation of Food4Philly, We could not be prouder of what everyone has accomplished. Despite the common prejudice on limitations of the youth, Food4Philly team members continue to push those boundaries across all aspects of life, namely service, and initiative. 

On the same notion, our Ardmore/Haverford Branch contacted numerous restaurants and businesses within their respective area, a testament to their resilience. Despite setbacks, they were able to organize a fundraiser with Krispy Kreme. Over the course of two weeks, they accumulated a total in the hundreds for Food4Philly. 

Accordingly, Lauren Brown and Joaquin Arias spent their entire Saturday delivering the freshly made donuts to 20+ houses in the Greater Philadelphia area. On behalf of the co-founders, I can't express my gratitude more for initiating and putting this into reality.

In the end, we received a great amount of positive feedback from those who bought donuts. It seems weird to think that a small team of rising juniors was able to do all of this. With the success of this project, we look to move forward into bigger plans (not always with food)!

Thank you to Krispy Kreme (Havertown) for playing a pivotal role in this project and the future of Food4Philly looks bright.

- Co-founders

Ardmore/Haverford Team Members: Joaquin Arias, Lauren Brown, Jay Crowther, and Willys Silvers

Pictured: Team Member Lauren Brown preparing to deliver an order

Screen Shot 2021-07-07 at 9.20.32 PM.png

Dunkin' Donuts Food Donations

June 18, 2021

Our 2nd project under Food Donations! Despite the small team, team manager Malachi Roth-Cohen and Vanessa Kenny were able to organize two food pickups every week from Dunkin' Donuts in Media, PA! All of the food will go to the Media Food Bank the day after pickup.

Thank you again to Dunkin' Donuts and their store manager! Stay tuned for more updates throughout the summer...

Screen Shot 2021-06-27 at 11.05.36

Krispy Kreme Fundraiser

June 11, 2021

After weeks of hard work, our Haverford/Ardmore Branch was able to successfully host a fundraiser with Krispy Kreme! A substantial 50% of all proceeds earned up until 6/27/21 will go to Food4Philly to further our mission.


Krispy Kreme Products and Pricing:
•Fresh Krispy Kreme Original Glazed® Doughnuts- $9.79 per dozen
•Krispy Kreme Special Order- $11.79 per dozen (available in Chocolate Iced, Lemon Filled, Raspberry Filled, and Kreme Filled)
•12 oz. Bag of Krispy Kreme Signature Coffee- $7.00 per bag
(available in Rich, Smooth, and Decaf)

We are extremely proud of the entire group and are excited to see what happens!


Special Announcement...

June 7, 2021

Hey everyone! After working hard for the past month and a half, our newly appointed team manager Malachi Roth-Cohen and team member Vanessa Kenny finalized something with Dunkin' Donuts! We are extremely proud of them and are excited to officially announce it on June 18, 2021...


Chipotle Fundraiser

June 6, 2021

Hey everyone! Welcome to our first post on our newly created News page! On June 5, 2021, we had our first food fundraiser with Chipotle! There were some logistical problems and preparation along the way but we are happy that this event was able to happen. Given that this was our first fundraiser, it proved to be a good learning experience for the executive team and all team members who are working on this project. Nonetheless, we are grateful for all the support and hope to expand and reach out to a greater audience!. Our team members are working hard on their projects and be on the lookout for updates!

Screen Shot 2021-06-10 at 10.49.04

Inspirit+ Summer Camp

July, 2021

This school year we saw how detrimented the learning experience was for students. Whether this be from lack of interaction, or the increased risk of distraction, that came along with classes being on zoom we knew that problems would arise for students in the future. As high schoolers we all knew the challenge of transitioning to high school and we realised how much harder this lack of real learning would make it.
To combat this we decided to host Inspirt+, a camp dedicated to preparing younger students for highschool classes and providing a fun learning environment
Inspirit+ consisted of Writing, Science, in-depth sessions about tips to succeed in middle/high school, and accomplished guest speaker panels.
Inspirit+ was completely free with the hope of bringing in donations to food4philly.
We received so much positive feedback from both parents and students and are already excited for Inspirit+ next year. We hope to see you there!


Food Donations

July 27, 2021

Due to efforts by co-founder Zaid Salaria, we received incredibly generous food donations from General Mills, Gonnela, Pillsbury, and Croissant Etc. All of this food went directly to the Media Food Bank. Massive thank you to these companies and Zaid for his efforts.


The Elevate Sport 4Philly Clinic

August 27, 2021

Hosted by all American and decorated Junior Olympian Kadin Salaria, the Elevate Sport 4Philly clinic is an incredibly affordable way to improve your running or jumping. All proceeds from the Elevate Sport 4Philly clinic go to Food4Philly and our efforts to feed those in need.


Food4Philly Fantasy Football League

September, 2021



With the NFL season approaching we had the idea to start a fantasy football league that would not only be fun but would do something good for the community. In order to enter the league a 10 dollar donation to food4philly was required. The winner of each league would receive a 50 dollar Amazon gift card. The second and third place teams receive Food4Philly merchandise. With the outstanding support of fellow high schoolers we hosted around 40 people and divided them into three leagues. All of this support resulted in around 500 dollars being raised for the betterment of our community.
Big thank you to everyone that is participating and best of luck this season.




First Food4Philly Penncrest Chapter In Person Meeting

September, 2021

After countless online zoom/discord meetings our Penncrest branch had the opportunity to have their first in person meeting. This allowed us to better plan for future projects and become closer as a team.


Food4Philly X MLTA Tennis Pickleball Tournament 

September, 2021

In partnership with MLTA Tennis Food4Philly is holding a Pickleball Tournament. The aim of the tournament is to host a fun and competitive tournament while raising money for Food4philly at the same time. Any player regardless of age can enter for a set price. For additional money, a participant can purchase a player’s pass and enter in as many divisions as they want. Winners of the different divisions will receive a prize at the end.       Although nothing is yet finalized the tournament will most likley take place at Paddock Park. Make sure to stay tuned for updates. To learn more, read this article from The Haverford School newspaper “The Index” featuring members Jay Crowther and Joaquin Arias.


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